"My secret"

Oil on canvas
(90 x 90 cm)

As an authentic visual manifesto of the artist caught between his inner universe and the outside world, “My Secret” reiterates the motifs which have been a constant presence in HNK’s last years’ creations. These elements are disposed in a dialogue of symbols representing the accessible and the forbidden. The golden bird, as embodiment of the superior inspiration, dominates the center of the painting, from the very top of it. The key, as metaphor of figuring out the sense, marks the visual ascension, whereas the sugar cube is an invitation on the initiatory path. The caterpillars and butterflies, always represented in opposing registers, populate the interior and the exterior of the hemispherical dome. In the center of the dome reigns the cherry, the forbidden nucleus which is protected by the glass, the most familiar leitmotif of the artist.


My secret
The universe we live in is full of mysteries, and this is the beauty of life. If everything had been accessible, we would have been overwhelmed by monotony. So, the better we keep the secret, the greater the charm of the world.