"Rise & fall"

Oil on canvas
(48 x 48 cm)

“The Rise & Fall” synthetizes the whole conceptual idea of HNK, which has been a constant preoccupation during the last years and which finds various expressions in his recent artworks – the possibility to access a superior dimension of existence. The mystery of this evolution is carried by the white cupola, which is the only non-transparent construction of this kind in HNK’s universe. The metamorphosis has a double connotation, since the construction is accessible to caterpillars only through small holes. The spiritual state is represented by steam, the ethereal valences of matter, while the intellectual center is highlighted by the castle made of printed pieces of text. Above the ensemble, as a totem meant to permanently remind its purpose, the winged glass globe, hybrid symbol of balance, transparence and flying, is the visual expression of artist’s consciousness over the fantastic universe he has just brought to light. ALEXANDRU RĂDULESCU, 2016