Architectism 2014

Architectism 2014

Bold And Happy Apartment by Hamid Nikola Katrib

Located in Bucharest, Romania this bright apartment offers a futuristic ambiance designed by Hamid Nikola Katrib with bold colors and a predominant white tone on its floor, ceiling and walls providing a simple and versatile space.

The furniture itself is predominantly white with bold colors adding personality and the shapes are comprised of delicate curves with a series of vertical wooden panels creating a semicircular separation in the living room to add a natural touch to the overall ambiance.

The apartment spreads over a surface of 160 square meters and during the renovation the kitchen was turned into a separate room with glass doors enclosing it to protect the rest of the space during cooking and the living room integrates the dining area forming a large open space.

The bathroom was enlarged and a large bookcase was created with niches of various colors ensuring abundant storage space and it also includes the door that leads to the guest bedroom.

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