“DentEstet 4 Kids”
Pediatric Dental Clinic
“Going to the dentist has
never been so much fun!”
From now on, going to the dentist is no longer a drama for the little ones. This is due to pure inspiration and positive energy, which can give a spectacular and memorable note to any space.
The richness of colors and playful shapes from DentEstet 4 Kids is reflected in a new decorative approach to dental offices: the place resembles a lovely miracle garden, where children can have fun and relax.
As a designer, I had total freedom of creation, so I became a child again, imagining every detail of the project: decorations, colors, animals and shapes from the coolest ones, to create the ideal children`s universe.
The end result defines imagination games, so rich in childhood, which is why little ones love to spend time at the dentist, because they identify the place with a playground full of surprises.