“The simply sophisticated!”
This simple but sophisticated apartment has 128 sq. and is situated in a luxurious residential flat, newly build in the centre of Bucharest, near a lake surrounded by a park.

The clients wished for a modern fitting, in contrast with the classic house from which they moved.

The apartment is composed of a hallway which leads into an open space living room - kitchen, two bedrooms, one dressing, two bathrooms, one storage room and a balcony with a view to the park which confers charm to the entire apartment.

The apartment plan was well thought out, thus it did not require major modifications. The real challenge was finding a new practical, comfortable and elegant furnishing plan in order to fit the modern appliances, considering the fact that most of the walls are glazed.
On the right you can see in the reflection of the mirror the limited edition console table “Birds Ring” designed by HNK.
Once you reach the living room, the high ceiling and wide windows viewing the park flood the room with light, creating a pleasant and airy atmosphere even if the space itself is not very big. In order to create the impresion of a bigger space, we designed a big mirror ,3.5 by 3m, with a laser cut aluminium frame plated with a silver foil.

Most of the living room funiture is signed by Roche Bobois: “Profile” sofa, “Sismic” coffe table, ”Nuage 2” armchair, ”Tournicoti”dining chair, ”Aster” dining table.

The two tear shaped coffee tables from the living designed by HNK add a ludic and elegant note at the same time.

On one of the living walls you can find a painting signed by HNK, “Evolution”, a surreal work of art from 2018, with hues of blue which go perfectly with the furnishing.
In the dining area , we picked a round table with a glass countertop so it would appear lighter and four Roche Bobois chairs, upholstered with a textil of the same predominant hue.

The “piece de resistance” is shiny bordeaux coloured bar cabinet with minimalist lines, which serves not only a functional purpose but a decorative one as well. This minimalist bar cabinet together with a colourfull vase collection create a theatrical effect.

The entrance wardrobe is divided into two horizontal lines, finished with a decorative bordeaux hue, which contrasts elegantly with the grey veneer.

Because we wanted to keep a unity in our concept, we continued the horizontal frame of the entrance wardrobe on the kitchen front where the lower bordeaux line transforms into the red marble of the kitchen counter.
Above, in the hallway leading to the bedrooms you can see the painting “Floating into Ether” (oil on canvas, 160*80cm) by HNK.
Continuing our visit through the apartment we reach the guest bedroom where we used different hues of purple and blue to contrast the gloomy seriousness of the grey olive wood.

The “L” shaped wooden bookcase was specially designed to have a playful and decorative aspect.

The master bedroom is the principal element of the project. The main challange here was not to create an ordinary wardrobe, thus we designed an “L” shaped dressing which doors are plated with mirrors.

The bed and nightstands are signed by Ethan Allen.

In order to make the bedroom even more spectacular, above the nightstands were hanged two two meters high decorative paintings representing a rain of cherry flowers on a golden foil and green/ pink gradient background.
Above, “My secret” painting by HNK (oil on canvas, 60*60 cm)
In conclusion, this apartment, rich in design pieces, art pieces and elegant finishes is clear proof of the saying: “good things come in small packages”.