“Functionality and modern accents in a health center”
The best part as an architect and interior designer is the diversity of projects that we get the chance to experience along the years. From great residential areas to hotel designs, commercial spaces and company offices, it’s always a pleasure for me and my team to explore new approaches that emphasize the beauty, functionality and the unique features of each space.
We’ve had the opportunity to design the office area of a high-performant medical equipment company. Giving the activity area of the company, we decided to go for a modern design that combines functionality with the lovely deco elements and the chromatic harmony.
Located in the heart of Bucharest, the 250 square meters space was a shell house, which gave us complete freedom to come up with the most suitable design. One of the most important requirements of the owners was to conceive 3 different offices for the management, following the design preferences of each partner.
For the reception area, as well as the open space, where the employees work, we proposed a modern design that easily integrates with the stylistic approach of the whole project.
We chose a unique architectural touch in the reception area by building curved walls. Then we enhanced these walls with a tray ceiling and a barrisol. Since the entrance area doesn’t benefit from natural light, this barrisol ceiling is an excellent option because it provides plenty of strong light that creates the illusion of daylight at any time.
Usually, in our designs we prefer to put accent on particular shapes and outstanding floors, and this project made no exception. We created an interesting game of textures and colors on the floor - at the entrance area we chose shiny white marble-like tiling that beautifully contrast with the design, while for the rest of the space we used tiles that imitate gris-mars concrete slabs.
The HNK signature couldn’t be left out of this project - we brought a playful note in the reception area by creating the furniture items from scratch. The freshly-designed pieces were harmonized with the rest of the space thanks to their colors - the blue, just like in the company’s logo, white and grey, as we used for the floor tiles.
Each project has its own challenges and we always see them as opportunities to be even more creative. This time, our objective was to beautifully integrate a pole that disrupted the open space area so that it looks like a part of the design. Our solution? We enlarged it and created a custom-made sofa all the way around it. To create a discreet visual delimitation of this area, we brought fretwork room dividers with an utterly modern design, as well as a table and four chairs, and this is how a small meeting area was born. The charming part of this area is its transparency and visibility - everything is very relaxing to watch and gives privacy at the same time.
-office 1-
In this office, the sole element that grabs the attention immediately is the bordo sofa. Strong color, smooth texture, elegance, power. The rest of the office design follows a soft, neutral color palette, that balances the main attraction area which is the sofa.
-office 2-
For this office we chose a bright, energizing design in yellow and gray tones. We aimed to come up with unique approaches for the offices, that reflect their owners’ desires as well as the modern design of the whole place.
The offices’ bathroom has hidden doors with a special camouflage: gray oak tree wood with brass insertions and LEDs. The design of the bathroom follows an intimate and elegant design, in dark brown and golden tones.
In this office you can remark again the HNK signature - the office desk and the book shelf are entirely created by our team.